How do I get my order?

You have two options when it comes to delivery of your clones:
1) We do not charge you for delivery but we ask you to compensate us for our gas expenses at a rate of $1 per 5 miles both ways from Bakersfield, CA.
2) You are welcomed to meet with one of our representatives in Bakersfield, CA and pick up your order in person.

Do you offer any kind of discounts?

Yes, Veterans and Cancer patients receive 50% off our Gardening Consultation and Cultivation classes.

When do I have to pay for my order?

You pay for you order at delivery, you will get a chance to inspect our clones and make sure they meet your standards.

What is “CAUN Certified” Clone?

“CAUN Certified” are clones that have been grown in accordance with “Cannabis University of America” Organic Cultivation standards and have been certified as “Organic”

Do you offer any kind of warranty for your clones?

Yes, we guarantee that our clones are pest and disease free; our genetics are authentic and our clones will exceed your expectations! As part of good cultivation practices we advise you to quarantine all clones for a week before you introduce them to your garden. We encourage our members to verify that our clones meet your quality standards upon delivery. We cannot control environment outside our facility, therefore our pest and disease guarantee ends when you accept delivery.

Do we use pesticides?

Our primary strategy is "prevention." By building healthy soils, healthy plants are better able to resist disease and insects. When pest populations get out of balance, we will try various options such as insect predators, mating disruption, traps and barriers or plant based organic oils.

Is CAUN Certified Organic Cannabis healthier?

There is growing research that indicate greater amounts of certain nutrients in organic cannabis compared to non-organic. If you’re concerned about pesticides, the application of potentially harmful, long-lasting pesticides and fertilizers are not allowed for CAUN Certified clones. CAUN considers 60% of all herbicides, 90% of all fungicides, and 30% of all insecticides as potentially cancer-causing.

How is Organic Cannabis better for the environment?

Organic Cannabis production, by definition, does not use environmentally harmful chemicals that may contaminate rain and groundwater. Organic Cannabis farming also replenishes and maintains healthy, fertile topsoil with rich biological matter, which limits erosion and impact on waterways.

Does CAUN Certified Organic Cannabis tastes better?

We think so, and many Canna-chefs and Cannabis connoisseurs agree. Basically, well-balanced soils grow strong, healthy plants that taste great. In addition, research is indicating that increased levels of phytochemicals produced by organic plants to fight pests are also responsible for aromas and flavors.