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Arbor Nursery difference

In 2009 Arbor Nursery set standards for entire cannabis industry when it comes to organic clones, seeds and teens cultivation. Producing "Cannabis University of America" certified organic cannabis is better for the community and environment. Most importantly, we allow plant to fully express her genetic potential resulting in a superior quality medicine.

Why Certified Organic Cannabis Clones?

Not all cannabis clones, seeds and teens are created equal. Our certified organic cannabis cultivation methods produce clean medicine free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We simply create an ideal environment that allows our plants to express themselves.

Why Organic Cannabis Compost Tea?

We enrich our growing medium with diversity of live beneficial fungi and bacteria that we cultivate in our marijuana compost tea. Cannabis clones and teens team up with the right fungi and beneficial bacteria resulting in robust, vigorous and healthy cannabis plant.

Organic Cannabis Clones, Teens and Seeds

At Arbor Nursery we follow our vision of a healthy and clean plant that can be safely used for the benefit of mankind. Unlike other clone producers we took a road less traveled; instead of force feeding our plants and focusing on numbers we recognized medicinal qualities of individual strains. We focus on mimicking ideal growing environment for each individual variety of cannabis clones, teens and seeds.